28 October 2011

Well said.

Christine: Is it hard sending the pieces out after you have a relationship with them?
Randi: Um…well, yes. We lay all the pieces out before we send them out. I do a quality check on them, twist something, do something to make sure every piece has it’s own voice, and then… We talk to them.
Christine: What do you tell them?
Randi: We wish them a good life: ‘We hope the person who buys you loves you,’ ; ‘I remember, your bale broke four times…’ Totally dorky stuff. But…it’s hard… For me it’s such an intimate thing, to be wearing something against your body, to send something you made out into the unknown. It’s hard to keep the intention when you start making larger quantities, even though in the studio we all share the same feeling towards imbuing each piece with intention. The pieces are quite personal, individualistic and intimate in some way, and it is important that this comes across in each piece; one way of doing this is through making sure the relationship with the maker is felt.
-Randi of Aesa talking to Dossier Journal about the 'saying goodbye process' when sending off her jewelry designs to be sold.
just some beautiful thoughts from a beautiful maker. 
...i can relate.

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