06 October 2011

October First Friday at thee 811


for FIRST FRIDAY tomorrow.
Along with my neighbors- Nationale+Haunt!
Come visit us-here's why:
Holly, Rachael, Laura, May +I can possibly provide the following for you in exchange for $:
-interesting photographs, framed
-freshly made beeswax candles
-miniature porcelain animal figurines, including a moose
-meticulously detailed crystal drop earrings
-Marriage Records vinyl
-ruffly dream dresses
-silk scarves with silkscreened loose thread detail
-french candies
-organic creams and lotions handmade by Lesbian farmers
-cheap wine
-YETI #s 3,4,6,7,8,9,11
-driftwood bundles
-necklaces made from other people's junk
-happy plants
-chunky handknit soft scarves
-a tote bag featuring Karl Lagerfeld's cartoon mug
-classic novels
-wild crafted incense by the ounce
-colorful handmade arrows
-varying from hour to hour, though generally steady, sassy-sweet-smart-RADitudes from HOT LADY SHOPKEEPERS (some are married, some are lesbians, all are French-who cares?)
see you soon.


may said...

I prefer French married lesbians.
Thanks for posting.

sword+fern said...


magic is pyramidically attracting you to me