14 September 2011

New Arrivals: Harvest Moon!

Fall shop update!
These new beautiful things have made their way here this week- now in store:
-black +white photograph posters from Chicago artist Debbie Carlos
-silk 'falseknit' scarves in olive, plum gray, and beige-y, as well as new waxed canvas mesh bags from  Portland's PlainMADE
-pillows + kitchen goods from Portland's Appetite Home
-silk+wool scarves made by the artists of Project GROW
-porcelain animals from Song&Branch, Seattle

THE 'Elln Degeneris' bag, from artist+bff Hannah Jickling. Do yourself a favor+ look at her art, she is a master of papier mache, paradise tarps,mystic pizza readings and much more--

checkk it outtttt--the backstory of 'Elln'

very excited to have new PlainMADE goods in store- new waxed canvas mini and maxi-mesh bags. Scarves in Chelsea's fall colors are also here but I haven't photographed them yet

striking kitchen towels from Appetite Home, made in Portland.

apples in the window are gold +sweet

two copper mobiles, by Jen Kelly of Things Together from Brooklyn.
Many silk and wool scarves made by the artists of PROJECT GROW-An amazing space in N.Portland which houses a progressive program for adults of all mental diversities-started by my friend and very good person, Natasha Wheat: Project Grow is a space for community collaboration where people can engage in conversation and action to advocate for human rights, the value of art in society, urban farming, and the pursuit of passions. Sales of these scarves will benefit the artists, as they receive 90% of the sales. Learn more about the people of Project GROW on their blog.

silkscreened pillows by Erin Albin of Appetite Home

Song&Branch porcelain animals-I want to put these in a terrarium for my niece, Addie's room. There is a huge collection- ask me for more

rings, vintage & from portland's artemisia atelier

string art by anna korte , wasp nest art by ottoman

bold oversized black+white photography prints from chicago artist, debbie carlos- mountains in the fog, camellias spilling (shown), ask me about the crystals and forests, too-(available soon)

porcelain chain from megan bogonovich, new hampshire ceramicist

things that are tiny for you

mystical circle wall hangings from ali gibbons, chicago.

work nest
still to come: t-shirts from seattle, perfume from san francisco, ceramics from the U.K., moon calendars from L.A. .. and more
come say hello and see these in person
visit me in the never-ending-radical work nest.
be well 
be well
be sweet..
..always come home


Lord Bison said...

I'll see your Fleet Foxes lyric and raise you 1 Addie's terrarium!!

p.s. our name used to be Bagonovich.

sword+fern said...

i like it!! what are addies favorite species of cactus so far?

Lord Bison said...

mostly just the orange bulbous one on our kitchen table.

sword+fern said...

wait, who's name used to be Bagonovich!?

Lord Bison said...

Ours did. Got changed when dad's ancestors immigrated. I think Aunt Barb might have confirmed this.

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