26 February 2011

Warmth through Sound

it is 
so here's a bit of heat to share through the speakers.
cuz i've got no hot tub and no fireplace..
bring on the spring sounds...i might just fill the shop with sequins..
PDX DJ Duo favorites//Linger+Quiet's podcasts get me through the grey quite often

King Sunny Ade

OG Chicago House Godfather, Jesse Saunders

All time Favorite, Larry Levan-hear the final nights of his residency at NYC's legendary Paradise Garage here//
Liquid Liquid..New York's finest post-disco/post-punk, circa 1981,j'adore this incredible album art..

V.I.D.=Very Important Drums,yes indeed

The Giorgio Moroder produced/mixed Donna Summer classic track..yesss
Brazilian Samba Goddess Beth Carvalho

ridiculous mid 90's video effort but an amazing chill song from Orbital..

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