18 February 2011

Under the Weather//Stuck in Dreams

Hi all,
I've been shot down cold with the flu for an astonishing 4 days.
I can't even remember when I was last this sick.
Not much work has gotten done around here, I've been up to my neck in tissue and yin chiao and blankets.
I have been cruising around the skies of the friendly internets searching for fun new things for the shoppe, however.
Hopefully, some of these will make their way through the doors for spring.(hurry!)


anja said...

Lots of really good things here. My friend just bought one of those cat shirts! I hope you feel better soon, I am just finally starting to get over the same awful flu. It hit me really hard too, haven't felt that bad in years, couldn't do anything but lie in bed for days!

sword+fern said...

thx clever nettle!yes, it was nuts!!unbelievable!finally going back to work tmrw!

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