25 January 2011

Lavender Mirror reviewed without a record!?

this guy is the boss of not allowing bands to get reviews without first making a record.photo azsa west

here's how we feel about that guy's rules.photo minhternet.com

here's the review by anika sabin!
ooh he's so mad at us!

oooohh we are so happy!

here's the cover of the magazine!
Kerby and me have a band, we've not recorded yet- but we got a very complimentary review of our practice tapes and live show in this month's amazing magazine about female drummers- TOMTOM!!
We are also super in love with the band Warpaint who gets a shout, as well as our friends Corrina and Joe from Tu Fawning!
We are really excited to make a record now with the nice push of a secret listener.
Thanks, Anika Sabin!
To listen to our songs and keep up on our next shows:
It also has a link to our facey bookie.
THX fer lookin!

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