18 December 2010

New Arrivals: Beautiful Last MInute Gifts

hand & shadow from vancouver, canada sent some of her beautiful cotton scarves this week, silkscreened with birds+hair.

bird scarf, $58.

there are 3 hair scarves and 4 bird ones

pyrite and chain earrings

quartz crystals from arkansas, i made them into earrings, with 14k gold fill posts

mismatched crystal quartz stud earrings
pyrite stud earrings, 14k gold fill posts
pink jasper and rose brass earrings

recycled glass diamonds earrings

leather, coin, and agate necklace

recycled glass tusks and pyramids necklaces

leather, chain, and pins

infinite weave cowl neck crocheted scarf, only 3 left: indigo, cocoa brown, and olive green


Lord Bison said...

is the pyrite from Alaska??

Lord Bison said...

that thar's FOOL'S GOLD!

sword+fern said...

why yes yes it is FOOLS GOLD!!

magic is pyramidically attracting you to me