09 December 2010

New Arrival: Anna Korte's Small String Sculptures

Anna with her 'Metaphysical Mosaic' installation in the shop, July 2009.

Making her metaphysical mosaic #2, with painted twigs and pink,at NE Albina Press, October 2010.Photo/Alli Azevedo.

peace of mind-$95.

spirit canyon (set of 2)-$125

feathers (set of 2)-$125

painted desert-$175
Just arrived in the shop are 6 beautiful new small string sculptures by Portland designer Anna Korte. 
Anna made the amazing geometric wall installation-'Metaphysical Mosaic'-back in July 2009 out of a mindboggling amount of measuring and detailing with nails, recycled bamboo yarn, and her stellar Scorpio brain. I asked her to make some small ones that you could take home with you- and she did! There are 6 gorgeous, ready to hang pieces.
She is also available to do custom installations in your home or workspace like the piece she created on the wall here at the shop- let me know if you'd like to chat with her about that!
Anna's inspiration for her local jewelry line, AK Vintage, and her collaborative accessories line, IM:MORTAL,speaks to her through her love of literature+poetry,art+architecture of ancient civilizations, her practice of Theta healing, the canyons and rivers and sacred natural locations around the world. She has a light and a calming presence that comes to life in her work.
Her new pieces are crafted with brown and natural twine, and mounted on wood with shifts of blended colors that don't show up as well in these photos. They're an original, visionary re-take on the 1970's art+craft style.
Don't miss seeing these in person!  
I couldn't resist re-posting these works of string art-redux by Maurizio Anzerii found while researching the craft online..via horses think

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