03 December 2010

Fieldguided Opens Tonight

Ants found in a love lockdown.

Wooden shadowboxes by Dan Anderson in collaboration with Lisa Schonberg.

A thing I love about drummers is their ability to multi-task all over life--in addition to being the heartbeat of the band, they're scientists, illustrators, tax preparers,writers,fashion designers, and all-around rad dudes, sometimes even doing it all with just one arm-knowwhatimean?

So when I asked Lisa 'Drummer' Schonberg, drummer for past and current bands Kickball, Explode Into Colors, and STLS to come up with an installation based on her entomological studies, I didn't know she would incorporate local worker bees VonTundra and Publication Studios,numerous friends, and use more than 3 mediums to accomplish the task, but I should have.

Fieldguided opens tonight and is an homage to Schonberg's love of the biology of bugs.
It's truly an engaging and interactive work that you can see, read, touch and listen to.
There's a listening station with an audio recording of Schonberg and friends traveling throughout backroads and mountain paths collecting colorful insects all over the country,a book to thumb through,a filing cabinet with tons of tiny drawings in envelopes made from the imaginations of her friends, actual specimens mounted beautifully in handmade wooden shadowboxes with scientific lupes on hand to get a closer look.
Most pieces are for sale, and would make great gifts for your beloved science nerd.
Come by tonight and get nerd-tastic--drink some bug juice, listen to mystical forest sounds, and pat Lisa on the back for her many talents.

6-10 pm in the shop.

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