05 July 2010

2 exciting events and things on the near horizon

1.sword+fern's TWO(2) year anniversary party--date TBA..but the actual date is august 1!
hint: i am planning a rager with kegs, not kidding.

2.new things that you can expect to see in the shop in celebration of said milestone:
-the return of ladyhawk botanicals-new organic lipbalms+new new new magic herbal products-including sea salts and salt crystals for both culinary and therapeutic use, natural, organic incense and essential plant resins for aromatic burning, and small batches of organic herbal teas. very very soon!
-art shows- megan holmes will show her photographs for first friday in august, lisa schonberg (of explode into colors) is working on a very exciting multi-media art installation involving her entomology studies, for this coming fall.

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