03 April 2010

my friend malaki and friends

i'm so excited to help malaki stahl to leak the secret of his brand new 3D works:
parchment paper sculpture.
i am, and i'm sure the whole beeps crew and beyond as well are super proud to see his new collection!
malaki is a dear friend and one of my favorite outsider artists.
i've been watching him make new exciting art and hide it in his kitchen drawers for over a decade.
he's primarily been making music in several local bands (you can hear/view over at our seattle music collective's site-beeprepaired) , but has always drawn, painted, sculpted, illustrated, and written.
lately, he and his partner in crime , olivia mendez, along with more of my favorites, doug arney and CJ chapman, have created a radical new video project called BRGNBSMNT SO SPUN WE SPUN WEST. definitely check it out for a good, gross time.
i always have a stupid silly time making nonsense and weirdness a priority with these fools i love so dearly.
malaki's one of those people that makes everything make ridiculous, beautiful, imperfect sense, and is awesome at sharing it with his beloveds.
his opening at la familia gallery in seattle is scheduled for january, 2011.

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