27 March 2010

swing out sister

these are photos of may modeling for giovanna's store, una.
i picture them having some white wine and giggling the whole time.
maybe may starts swearing in french if the dress gets a tiny rip because, you know, girls just want to have fun.

NATIONALE loves us, and their new home in the 811 building right behind sword+fern!
may, owner and curator and my favorite cutest frenchie model for una, wrote a bit about me and the shop on her blog this week.
i am so excited to have her and her telepathic radical goodness around the building!
you should become a member of NATIONALE and get involved with all the great gatherings and creative events she is scheming up on the regular. i think it's only like $6 to join.
i am going to try and make it to the next one, this sunday evening.
see her blog for more info -here.

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