04 March 2010

saturday march 6th : NIGHTCLUBBING

we guest DJ, from 9 pm til 10..opening for NiceNice, Operative, and hosted by Linger +Quiet!
Come hang out with us for all kinds a jamz...all night!

"People... people... get ready for NICE NICE to TAKE. YOU. THERE. Finally set to release their full length on the legendary Warp label (Aphex Twin, LFO, Broadcast, Squarepusher, Boards of Canada, Autechre, Jamie Lidell, Grizzly Bear), the timelessly handsome duo have seen a few Pacific Northwest sunsets in their day and are ready to show their spastic, urgent sonic equivalent to the world. These gents are going to share their DREAMS with you and you are going to FEEL it. BUT FIRST... Operative will MAKE. YOU. BELIEVE. They're the guys your friend told you was the best live dance act in Portland. Homemade noise rigs, live drums, pulsating rhythms, entire cities made of cumulus nimbus THIS IS REAL. BUT FIRST! For a moment picture that party in your favorite modern art movie where all the kids are so cool and the lighting is just right and there's sweat on the walls (but not in a gross way) and Chloe Sevigny is there or Samantha Morton or Vincent Gallo... well New Moon Poncho was DJing that party. They'll be DJing this one too. TRUE! And (of course) Linger & Quiet will be your gracious hosts and once NICE NICE's sun burns up they will take you to dizzying new heights of LIGHT, LOVE & LASERS until the sun comes up once again. AMEN."-holocene.org
join us at valentine's tuesday MARCH 9TH for a live set (Dusty Springfeelins!)
we open for Olympia band Broken Water and LOVERS!!

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