16 October 2009

Rm. 207

See my new work at Content alongside 37 more of Portland's finest.
I will be inhabiting room 207 for the evening, Sword+Fern style.
I invited a special musical guest you will LOVErs..(get it?) to play in the room with me to complete the atmosphere.
For 10 bucks , you can hear music in the lobby by DJ automaton+dirty mittens, walk around poking your head into each designer's created room to see what inspires them to make, and hang out with your friends in the Cleaners by the bar, where live mannequins will model looks by each designer.
See you there!
Portland Independent Fashion Event, Content-this Sunday, at the Ace Hotel, open 5-10 pm-one night only, $10.


Lord Bison said...

sounds like fun, big sis!

sword+fern said...

wish you guys could be there!

Anonymous said...

Your room was so fun! Was the band (the trio) in there called Lovers, or was it Yacht? They were fantastic too and I'm dying to hear more. Beautiful jewelry; can't wait to get my hands on some. Please email a reply to feliceiii@gmail.com if you can; thanks!

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