02 October 2009

Join me for a quiet full moon first friday, and a 30% off parking ticket/i'd rather be surfing sale all weekend

hi, I'd rather be surfing, but i gotta give you an important message from the management:

Come by the shop+studio for first friday tonight, I'll be open and having a 30% off parking ticket sale.
I gotta pay off this expensive fine so help a sword+fern out, and get cool stuff for cheap!
Everything in the shop is on sale all weekend..
There's also a great show next door at grass hut, so come visit us.
I'll be rocking some disco, no wave, and Brazilian funk while I crank out some jewelry for you.
See you soon,
you're my hero!


Anonymous said...

Just FYI: usually there's a court date attached to the ticket - if you show up, they tend to know a large chunk off your ticket.

sword+fern said...

i know. i lost the ticket and it slipped my mind..but thanks for the info..

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