20 June 2008

hello, burnside

i am going to hang out with you alot more, burnside. i am going to sit in a chair inside a 254 square foot room  that faces you for long hours and call you home. i am excited to get to know the creatures that lurk on your concrete. come by and say hi to me in my new space: 
i'll be there alot.
i am not there yet but i  will let you know when i am.
emily baker.
art. design. work. art. jewelry. landscape planning. work. wildcrafted medicinal botanicals. work. installations. natural perfumes. not gendered jewelry. lemon yellow floors. gold walls. lip balm.vintage modern housewares. design. clothing. plants. local. open studio. paintings. open. friends. shop. come visit.
811 east burnside
portland, oregon
opening date TBA.. but very soon. like august probably.

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