20 March 2012

Always Coming Home, Spring Equinox 2012 collection

New Collection/Lookbook is here.. Always Coming Home.
View the collection, online now.
Always Coming Home, Spring Equinox 2012:
A small, limited edition collection exploring my ideas of creating one’s sacred space+to celebrate Spring Equinox. Inspired by the book “Always Coming Home’ by Ursula K. LeGuin, and the celestial music of Glasser & the psych-folk singer Mariee Sioux.
The collection was born of recalling vivid dream-landscapes of forgotten ancient/ futuristic villages, and the hope that lies in all of us to build community and design sanctuaries within our spaces for work, rest, and creativity. Bright hand-cut leather recalls familiar triumphant shapes:the angular flags of home-base, shields of family names, and the ever-present circle, symbolizing unity of all people and civilizations.The pieces are held safely with darkened brass chain and hand hammered jeweler’s bronze.Each piece is one of a kind and limited edition, made to order.
With the kind efforts of these rad friends, the lookbook came together beautifully:
Photography: MINH TRAN; Styling/Makeup/On-Set Art Direction:  RYEN BLASCHKE using *PORTLAND BLACK LIPSTICK CO. ; Hair:  NAOMI RICCOBONO; modeled by artist MIDORI HIROSE; Wardrobe provided by: Stand Up Comedy, Rad Summer +Golden Rule; Concept/Layout Design:Sword+Fern


cerebral e said...

Absolutely gorgeous! I can't wait to revisit your store later this year.

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