06 April 2010

Fed-exing jewelry off to Los Angeles today to be photographed for Levi's A/W 2010 campaign
(thank u AW+JB),
thinking of making necklaces with netted pouches of tiny pebbles inside.
I wish I could tuck myself in to the L.A.-bound package.
I need sun.
I never thought I'd say that.
Not about Los Angeles, but about needing sun, I never used to care about it that much.
Going to see 'House' w/Jayme tonight and then we are going to bake cookies tomorrow and Kim's going to clean the shop.


Chelsea said...

Lord- can that box be made for two. I am f-ing dying over here!

Scintilla said...

ok. i'll take one of those pouches please. amazing yes. amazing.

Jung said...

That's really sweet.
I was looking through your blog and saw that you create alot of your own work which is impressive.

I also work with jewelry and seeing your piece is really impressive. Keep up the work!

sword+fern said...

thanks ladies!! love, big big love to you..

magic is pyramidically attracting you to me